Burglary and theft spree

An unprecedented number of house burglaries and thefts from out-buildings have been reported in Woodnesborough since the dark evenings have drawn in. A popular time for the burglars seems to be evenings – particularly when the weather is windy/rainy.

To help deter the burglars and avoid you becoming a victim:

  1. Keep your house and car keys safe and out of site (preferably in a key safe).
  2. Lock doors, windows and close curtains/blinds when it is dark outside.
  3. Keep valuables/wallets/purses out of sight and at this time of year, keep wrapped presents hidden away until Christmas morning.
  4. Be aware of any strange callers at your front door (fit a door security chain).
  5. Lock and alarm sheds and out-buildings (a basic shed/garage alarm costs as little as ten pounds).
  6. Chain and padlock garden mowers/strimmers and similar tools to the wall. If your shed/garage walls are not very robust, chain the tools together to make them awkward to remove.
  7. If you see anything suspicious, report immediately to the police by dialing 111 (the non-emergency line).

And, add a comment to this blog if you do see anything out of the ordinary.

Regards, WPF

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