Flooding, The Street

Flooding of The Street, Woodnesborough, has become a regular occurrence and hazard. The flooding incidents have been reported to Kent County Council’s Highways Department by concerned residents for decades.

KCC Highways carried out work in 2012 to alleviate flooding in Melville Lea by clearance of the culvert behind The Old Post Office and blocking of two highways drain overflows from The Street into the culvert. While Melville Lea has experienced no flooding since, properties in The Street have.

A video record of the flooding is now being kept, and some of the footage can be seen below.

Monday 30 April 2018 – The highway drains outside The Old Post Office are overwhelmed again. Kent County Council’s Highways Department advise that they will be sending a team to investigate by the end of the week…

Tuesday 22 September 2015 – The highway drains outside The Old Post Office are overwhelmed again. This time, in-car CCTV camera footage shows from where the mud originates.

UPDATE: Friday 30 January 2015

Kent County Council Highways and Transportation Department report that “on 03 November 2014, they cleared all the drains, retraced the system and could find no defects”. They also noted that “although the rain was very heavy, once cleaned the drains were flowing well and the drainage system was not backing up”. And, “since the completion of this work we have received no further reports of flooding and do not propose to do any further work at this time”.

Yet, the video clips below are evidence that The Street, Woodnesborough is still flooding despite having been cleared/cleaned.

If, as reported by KCC Highways, the drains are flowing well and there are no defects, it is now obvious that the drains are of insufficient size to handle the surface water.

Thursday 08 January 2015 – The highway drains outside The Old Post Office are overwhelmed again. These video clips were taken shortly after the river of surface water had subsided. Note the level and colour of the water flowing through the drains.

Saturday 11 October 2014 – The highway drains outside The Old Post Office are overwhelmed.

 Sunday 13 July 2014 – The lane adjacent to The Old Post Office becomes a river.

 Sunday 13 July 2014 – The Old Post Office suffers, while the drain outside The Charity Inn is clear.

Sunday 13 July 2014 – Debris from the New Village Hall/Housing Development site washes in to The Street.

Post your images or video of the flooding to this thread to add weight to the body of evidence being put to Kent County Council to have this problem resolved.

Note: You will have to register to be able to upload video/images – see the welcome page for details on how to register.

Regards, GH

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2 Responses to Flooding, The Street

  1. Woodnesborough Popular Front says:

    Flooding Update: 05/10/2018

    Works to improve the street drainage in The Street, opposite The Old Post Office, have been completed. KCC Highways were unable to install additional drains opposite The Old Post Office, as was expected, due to congestion of underground services.

    Instead, a kerb channel and additional collector near the Charity Inn have been put in. It is hoped that this will aleviate the problem. We will monitor.


  2. TonyC says:

    FLOODING UPDATE: 26/07/18

    Kent County Council’s Highways Department advise that plans are being drawn up to increase the number of drains in The Street, opposite The Old Post Office, to improve the flow/drainage of surface water.

    Thank you KCC Highways!

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