Woodnesborough is a large widespread village adjacent to the town of Sandwich in East Kent. Its history can be traced back centuries, the village taking its name from the Saxon god of wisdom, ‘Woden’. Nowadays, regretably, the worship of wisdom has become neglected by many of the one thousand inhabitants.

With no shops, no pubs, no childrens’ play area, and other than a village hall and church, no facilities, you would think that little goes on in Woodnesborough. And you would be right. However, despite this outward appearance of traquility and, frankly, dullness, the villagers still find much to rant, rave and gossip over.

Anyone can ‘post’ to this blog to pass on words of wisdom, comment (or rant if you feel that passionate) on matters of the day, advertise an event and even publish pictures and/or video relating to the village of Woodnesborough.

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